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Special in square

Some words become tired from being overused. Or rather, abused. Special is one of these. Think about it, from the “specials” at the supermarket, to people who don’t hesitate to call themselves such, there is a plethora of special and specialties.

We at Burago Viti¬† had our valid doubts when we decided to choose the word “special” to define our custom-made screws. But we also had no choice: the market, our technical partners and our customers call them special.

Any good technician knows what special screws are. They are screws produced based on designs, as they say. Ours are made in steel and steel/carbon, covering a span ranging from 1.6 up to 14 mm.

Not bad, you say. But where is the specialty, which you have gone so far as to square? A ban on false modesty: those who know and come to us at Burago Viti come because they know that, in addition to normal and special screws, we reason along with customers, also discussing process details. That is, we reflect together on how our beloved special screws will be used. And in doing so, we often contribute to enhancing the customer’s productivity. And the most beautiful part is that they tell us the worth of such contribution.

So this is what our specialty is: providing a special product and, together, also a service that you won’t find in the price list: it’s called technical consultancy.

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