It is holidays time

Dear friends, it is holidays time. We are now close to that “black hole”  named August, the time  when, in full respect of the italian tradition, […]
BuragoViti screws for elettronics

Small screws for electronics

Factory 4.0, IoT, consumer electronics. A world held together by tiny irreplaceable screws. Today we write about electronics and therefore about screws for the products of […]
BuragoViti quality control room

Fasteners: quality processes and instruments.

The instruments which make the quality control room the pride and joy of Burago Viti In the last “episode” I wrote about the quality control parameters, […]
BuragoViti Sport

Burago for Sport!

Sports and love for kids have always been in the heart of Burago Viti. Official sponsor of Notte di Sport // Vimercate event at Vimercate, town near […]