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Art and screws

Art and screws BuragoViti

Passion screws us

Humans are like that:  we take many things for granted and often we understand their importance only when we are deprived of them. We use salt, right when we are cooking; make fuel, just when we are late;  not to mention an ingenious object that – literally – “holds together” any building, plant or machine. I am talking about the passion of my life: the screw.

Here in Burago Viti we continously supply our customers with this item (special screws, screws for plastic such as BV-LOCK 30 °, 45 ° and 60 °, self-forming trilobate, screws for the industry, automotive, gratings, elevators, branch and for many others…), we conceive this small object as a creator of value thanks to its incredible use: the screw is the base of each building. But not only that, the screw is the perfect connection which releases the imagination and creativity of each builder.

In this sense pallets are a perfect example; the connection between quality screws and a pallet gives rise to an extraordinary creative festival.

By browsing on the blog of Burago Viti you can take a look at what I’ve made recycling my pallets and recombining them in unexpected and creative ways. I say nothing more, but believe me, it is worth . The greatest value goes to my screws, they allowed me to make incredible connections, giving new functions and new life to innumerable combinations. Yes, it is appropriate to say: “passion screws us”.