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Burago Woman

Burago Viti woman

Here in Burago Viti we are proud of our women!

Whoever says woman, refers to rigor, commitment, ability, intelligence. These are the necessary skills to operate a business in the best way in the complicated and difficult world we live in. Unfortunately, as noted by the Gender Equality Index elaborated by EIGE (European Institute for Gender Equality), in our country there is still a low female employment position and this places Italy below the European average. Yet according to an estimate elaborated by the Bank of Italy, if female employment reaches the 60%, Italy would get a GDP growth of 7 points, with positive repercussions for the whole society.

I can proudly state that in Burago Viti we are different even in this sense. More than the 80% of our employees belong to the female gender. They ensure the rigor, commitment, ability and intelligence that customers recognize us. Day by day, screw by screw, small or big, regular or special.

Despite all the difficulties, worries and thousand of troubles, I believe that the good thing about doing business is above all following: the satisfaction that gives producing new work and further common wealth.