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Consulting oriented

The consulting service during the design of custom-made screw, is the most motivating part of my job.

There is a very important aspect in my work, which is often misunderstood, sometimes even forgotten. It’s the value of consulting. It is apparently impalpable: we cannot touch it or measure it and we attach importance to it only at the end of our job. This means when the product, “that” specific screw or fixing element, is produced following the technical specifications of a complete customization.  This event is made possible by the effective exchange with the customer, a common thinking of  its needs and problems: technical, productive, logistic, costs.
Those people who are passionate as I am, will agree with me when I say that the “consulting” phase is the most interesting one. It allows you to put into practice years of study, experimentation, constant verification of the results and of the performances.
The highest levels of relationship with a customer is when it comes to you relying on you, exposing its problems which obviously have to be kept confidential and treated with the utmost discretion.  In Burago Viti that happens often and I’m proud of it. The other face of the medal is that, unfortunately, but it is another sign of professional nature, I will never mention “names and surnames” and tell you how much of me you can find in a screw … really special.