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Fasteners: quality parameters

BuragoViti quality parameters

Quality control is the central theme of our work; or even better it is vital to us. It is anyway a complex and sometimes tough theme. That is why I would like to create the right atmosphere with the friends of “Casa Burago”. I try to do that trusting in your availability.

What do we have to “check” in a small screw? Which properties have to be measured? Let us say that writing about “quality control” means dealing with issues such as vision, observation, measurement, dimension, inspection, traction, compression, twisting, depth, three-dimensionality, elasticity, hardness, diameter, angle, radius, height…of a small, apparently simple and insignificant screw. Did you really think that there were so many variables in play? Well, yes.

All these parameters are hardly visible to the naked eye, some of them are even invisible. We might therefore say it is a matter of parameters, processes, measuring imstruments, which are obviously highly sophisticated and need complex management and the ability to use them.

The goal is simple to define: check the conformity of the workpiece (the screws) to the drawing and the correspondance of the morphological characters to the standards. In short, this is the heart and essence of our work in Burago Viti. We have always believed that a clean, accurate, dynamic and secure quality control is the pre-requirement for gaining credibility and trust.

How can we do that? You will find the sequel in the next episode of our blog, where we will illustrate all the instruments and processes of our internal quality control office.