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Fasteners: quality processes and instruments.

BuragoViti quality control room

The instruments which make the quality control room the pride and joy of Burago Viti

In the last “episode” I wrote about the quality control parameters, today I will describe you the instruments with which we take accurate measurements. We believe that the “measure” is the basis for knowing any phenomenon.

What did we do in BuragoViti? The most sensible thing in our opinion: we invested in advanced technology and professional training of the person working in the control room of BuragoViti : the result is the reasonable assurance that the supply reaches a very high level of reliability.

And here there are the tools. The first one is the 3D measurament instrument, complete with optical lines and equipped with zoom, whose interface is a monitor where the vision is integrated with a measurement software. The system, managed by a dedicated PC, consists of a camera, an image processor and two lighting systems.   The episcopic vision is ensured by a circular led illuminator and is operated by a manual controller for adjusting the light’s intensity; the diascopic visioni is granted by a halogen lamp with manual adjustment.

The measuring software manages the main functions for the creation of geometric figures such as circles, radii, angles, points and distances. The operator can develop custom programs to perform measurements of several pieces by a guided controlling cycle. The obtained results, including images, can be printed or stored in the most common formats. Saved data is used to perform statistical checks.

Let us now talk about the new generation of durometers. The use of load cells allows a range between 1 Kgf/9,8N and 250 Kgf/ 2,45KN. Advanced  algorithms, digital filters and electronics of new generation electronics allow incomparable accuracy of loads; this together with ease of use, make these instruments ideal for measuring multiple hardness scales.

Depth measurement with optical system at 0,1 μm resolution. All measurements are directly displayed on the OLED color display for Rockwell scales,  Rockwell superficial, HBT, HVT; after the measurement of the imprint are displayed also the Vickers and Brinell scales. All our instruments ( I omit the classical ones dedicated to measurements) are accredited and certified.

I am very proud of our quality control room. I strongly wanted it and  fell in love with it.  The reason of this passion? It enables me to work trying to move a little bit further the limit reached. Our aim? Tending to perfection.