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It is holidays time

Dear friends, it is holidays time.

We are now close to that “black hole”  named August, the time  when, in full respect of the italian tradition, we all leave together; every idea or project is “frozen”  until September. So even our small blog “Casa Burago” takes a break;  I have noted the reading data of it and I am astonished and satisfied. So many of you followed me, episode after episode, and I am really thankful for the attention and attendance. Unfortunately, I do not know you personally, although in future I would like to organize a small party for all friends who love technology and screws; maybe one day, who knows. There is one thing I am sure of: you are people, just like me,  who live every day with passion the commitment of doing, which is the energy that drives the country; despite all the problems, the efforts and the thousands of obstacles that complicate the lives of the companies and of the people  who want to do business. We are the ones who go ahead, because in the long run the well thought out and well done job wins.
Have a good summer and enjoy your life.

Service communications

Burago Viti will close the day August 7, 2017 to the day August 25, 2017. Deliveries and ordinary activities in this period will not be guaranteed.

Thanks and have a nice holidays!

Burago Viti Team