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Kaizen in Burago

The concept of value in the company which does not stop improving.

I am not a specialist of lean manufacturing, should it be the case I would probably do another job. I am an expert in screws and having understood how “lean production” is the most advanced and functional method, I undertake to study it and to apply it better and better in everyday work.
If lean manufacturing was a musical artwork, its leitmotiv would be the value. The theme of value (research, promotion, protection) is the concept which guides this revolutionary method.

How do you search, create and defend a value?
First of all it is about defining the value from the customer’s point of view, that is, what he exactly intends for value in terms of product and service.
Secondly, it is necessary to identify the value’s flow. Like a water bed, the value flows through certain activities that produce it and not in others that disperse or vanquish it.

Finally, once you understand what produces value in your product and service, you need to pursue perfection. Not a generic “better than before”, but absolute perfection, which we can obviously never achieve, although it is imperative to strive for it through continuous improvements.

This continuous improvement, is called by Japanese Kaizen; I can assure you that it is really challenging, but the results it brings are really incredible.
Lean manufacturing perfectly matches with the world of screws. The results are clear starting from the standard quality of the production. Quality which means saved time for the customer during assembly and absolute trust in the reliability of the work that the customer performs with screws.

(Dear friends of Burago Viti, a recommendation is a must: please let us apply the spur, which Kaizen gives us, only when we work; let us instead look with indulgence to the small faults that make us so unique and so human).

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