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Quality rhymes with traceability

The Quality Manual of BuragoViti also considers  the fundamental chapter of traceability.

 Have I already told you that here in BuragoViti we have drawn up a “Quality Manual”? It is incredible how sometimes we take for granted apparently obviuos things, and then we discover it is just not so. A key chapter in the “Manual” refers to traceability. It is the mother of all (correct) procedures. Each batch has to be identified, recognized and followed at every stage of the production cycle; since it passes the factory’s gates as  raw or semi-processed material, until it is packed. Tolerance? Zero, as the mayor of New York preached. Every mistake in a just-in-time and lean production way of thinking, would be very expensive; the inevitable loss of time jeopardizes the production flow of the customer and, consequently, the reputation as a punctual and reliable supplier.

In the modern logic of production, even if only one link of the production chain fails, then the whole flow is in danger.
Tracing means therefore protecting the customer, as well as yourself. In the magical world, both traditional and virtual, reputation, the bad one more than good one, runs faster than light.