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When it came time to embrace a new procurement system, immediately thinking of the Japanese just-in-time system, Kanban was our solution: it lets us manage warehouse inventories in the fastest and most intelligent way. Thus in Burago Viti was born the idea of creating a system dedicated to companies that operates through repetitive production cycles able to optimise warehouse management.

How does the Kanban service work? The system consists in installing containers differentiated according to the type of product (screws, special screws, screws for plastic, fasteners, etc.) at the customer’s warehouse, which will be re-sorted by Burago Viti employees in order to optimise inventory management. Each customer of Burago Viti can replenish their stock according to their needs with reduced and pre-determined times. The result is a real-time flow of procurement that never stops and brings warehouse stock to zero.

Also designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Kanban of Burago Viti has only one prerequisite: the management of repetitive and standardised production with the use of containers for transferring materials

Kanban is a company’s natural ally when they seek “lean-production”, the methodology that lets them cut the costs of excess warehouse inventory.

Burago Viti never stops learning and making the lessons learned available to its customers, and Kanban is a perfect example.