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Small screws for electronics

BuragoViti screws for elettronics

Factory 4.0, IoT, consumer electronics. A world held together by tiny irreplaceable screws.

Today we write about electronics and therefore about screws for the products of the electronics industry.

Before describing the main features of the small screws that “hold together” PCs and smartphones (just to name the most popular products), please read this data:

  • GM, the largest US automotive group, closed 2015 with a turnover of $ 152,4 billion. There are about 200,000 people working in GM .
  • In the same year Apple had a turnover of $ 234 billion thanks to 115,000 workers.

This gap shows the past and the future of the world. Furtheremore you have to think that in GM, as in any other automotive company, much of the work is done by robots, machines guided by artificial intelligence systems: the “factory 4.0” based on the Internet of Things.

Processors for….more and more advanced processes, so literally held together ( the processors and ultimately also the processes) by thousands of small and precious objects: screws for electronics.

Here is the “identity card” of the small stars:

  • absolutely and incredibly “accurate”
  • diameters of 1,5/1,6
  • with many marks
  • resistant to twists
  • with different type of threads

the last ones are designed to attack and tighten plastic shells or electronic cards, handling remote controls, smartphones, X-Hi-fi components, micro appliances and any other micro-electronics “object”.

Now a hundred guineas question, as Dumas wrote in “The three Musketeers”. How are the machines that produce screws for electronics? The best ever: the machines that produce and thread these Lilliputian screws are incredibly accurate and smaller compared to the traditional ones. Well in short the “electronic” screw is really a world apart.