Art and screws BuragoViti

Art and screws

Passion screws us Humans are like that:  we take many things for granted and often we understand their importance only when we are deprived of them. […]

Consulting oriented

The consulting service during the design of custom-made screw, is the most motivating part of my job. There is a very important aspect in my work, […]

Quality rhymes with traceability

The Quality Manual of BuragoViti also considers  the fundamental chapter of traceability.  Have I already told you that here in BuragoViti we have drawn up a […]
BuragoViti screws for elettronics

Small screws for electronics

Factory 4.0, IoT, consumer electronics. A world held together by tiny irreplaceable screws. Today we write about electronics and therefore about screws for the products of […]