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Welcome to Casa Burago

Friends of technological and mechanical innovation, we  welcome you to the “Casa Burago“, the new social network page of Burago Viti. In welcoming you, we’d like to thank you for the interest and passion that, like us, you dedicate to all that can be considered progress and improvement in service quality and productivity.

Date after date, at “Casa Burago” you’ll find information, news and reflections on technology, technological processes in general and especially on fastener and connection systems. A dialogue on technological progress, a factor that makes the world safer and more hospitable, and on the tools that are the fruit of applied scientific research.

A topic that will be frequently discussed is innovation, whose borders are pushed just a little bit more every day thanks to the ingenuity of men and seemingly small solutions that instead offer huge potential. Just like screws, precisely our work.

We hope you enjoy reading the materials, and we’ll see you next time.

Thank you

The Editors of “Casa Burago”