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Since 1996

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Work of excellence. Burago Viti celebrates its 20° anniversary: a patrimony of technical, commercial and organizational knowledge guarantees high quality standards.

The highly qualified staff boasts a thirty-year experience that allows Burago Viti to offer client-oriented solutions and services.

Burago Viti offers a prompt and careful service. The wide product range, the dynamic and efficient structure, and a meticulous quality control allow our company to offer a prompt and careful service as well as a widespread distribution.

From the beginning, Burago Viti has been customer oriented. The optimization of processes, the commercial efficiency as well as the search of always more performing items allow Burago Viti to successfully satisfy even the most demanding client requests.

Burago viti

Our Customer
is always the focus.

We focus on mutual cooperation- an added value to reach common goal in line withlean manufacturing processes.

Burago viti


Burago Viti facilities cover an areo of 3000 square meters: commercial aerea, production area and warehouse.

The company is oriented toward a always more computerized management of its industrial process.

The warehouse is organized in 3 segments: the first one for the storage of the end products; the second one for the storage of semi finished products that have to be treated (for example, chemical and heat treatments); the third segment functions as cross-docking points for fast and daily shipments.


The commercial process follows very important steps:

  • Product traceability. This factor plays a very important role in Burago Viti business attitude. As a matter of fact, every item is identified by a code, a quantity and a precise allocation in warehouse.
  • Reorder Point. The stock level of each item is continuously monitored so reorder, equal to the (EEQ), is automatic.
  • Continuous Replenishment. The stock level of each item is established and maintained according to client specific needs.
  • Consignment Stock. As far as special screws are concerned, Burago Viti is able to create a deposit directly in client warehouse. In this way, customer can directly collect the items, optimizing delivery time. Moreover, ware is always at client disposal.