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Fasteners for lift

Fasteners for lift

Up and Down” safely

Among all special screws of Burago Viti, the most special are maybe the ones for elevators.

Viti per ascensori elevatoriMaybe not everyone knows that the country with more elevators in the world is Italy: 850.000; 700.000 the USA and 610.000.

The reason is simple: there are more buildings and fewer houses than the European and US average; moreover we have a tradition of excellence in the components’ sector. In short, we are good in building, installing and maintaining them efficient. We all know what an elevator is. We may say it is a machinery designed in order to make us save time and effort; undoubtedly it is one of the most secure ones, if we consider the relationship between the number of people transported each day and the accidents.

The credit goes to the engineers and the workers responsible for the assembly and the installation; but a part (large) of the credit goes also to it, to the special screw which “holds together” the whole. The very special thing of it is its robustness, which is the result of much more than severe design and quality standards. It’s you, my beloved little one, which makes sure that, once we enter into the tin box, the only embarrassment is where to look.

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